Swarm Summit

Alexander Shedogubov

Envelop DAO co-founder, entrepreneur in the field of IoT, Blockchain and Logistic (Founder Pax Plus)
Other: 34 y.o., 7 years of management experience, 4 years in Web3.0

  • Unstoppable NFTs
Alexis Roussel

Alexis Roussel is Chief Operating Officer of Nym Technologies, the start-up solving the internet's privacy crisis. Alexis is also the Co-Founder of Bity.com , a crypto-finance service provider in Switzerland. He holds a Masters in Technology Public Law and has served as an E-Governance Specialist for the United Nations, and was the President of the Pirate Party of Switzerland - aimed at promoting a human-centric and distributed approach of a technological society. He is frequently in the Swiss media discussing privacy and digital rights issues. He is the co-author of the book "Our precious digital integrity" promoting a novel fundamental right to the digital integrity of the human being.

  • The right to Digital integrity
Alok Nerurkar

Senior Developer with the Bee team

  • Swarm Development Update
Antonio Gonzalo

Entrepreneur and product guy. Former corporative soul, now following the crypto rabbit hole as deep as Finney takes us. Busy bee.

  • Swarm Development Update
Barbara R. Lőrincz

With 7 years of web 3.0 expertise, she co-founded the groundbreaking project solarpunk.buzz, fueled by the belief that the self-sovereign future is just a step away. This passionate gamer-turned-activist immerses herself in the metaverse, harnessing its power to ignite the solarpunk revolution and shape a greener tomorrow. Join her on this extraordinary quest to build a sustainable future; feel free to reach out to her and share your ideas on how to embrace the solarpunk utopia!

  • From normies to degens
Björn Magalhães

Founder & Chairman of MetaProvide Holding EKF

  • Metaprovide - Nextcloud on Swarm
Boris Mamlyuk


  • Decentralized Waste/Hazard Mapping with CleanApp
Callum Toner

Product Manager at Swarm, working on Bee team, Research team, and everything in between. Following the progress in Swarm from research to reality to make an unstoppable product

  • Swarm Development Update
Costanza Gallo

Partnerships Manager at Swarm Foundation

  • I've been in tech since 2012, from e-commerce startups, to fortune 500 SaaS companies, to volunteer side projects. I started exploring crypto in 2018 and in 2020 I joined the web3 fight against Internet censorship. I've never looked back since!
  • Swarm Ecosystem Update
Črt Ahlin

Data should be freed from silos. Personal data should be under the control of the individual. Working with people & technologies enabling data storage, exchange and analysis. Using web3, decentralized cloud storage technologies. Consent receipt as the record to unlock the fair data exchange. User of Fairdrive and Swarm decentralized storage. Supporter of MyData & QuantifiedSelf.

  • The Great Data Upload
Elad Verbin

Dr. Elad Verbin is a Data Scientist and Computer Scientist, specializing in predictive modeling and algorithm engineering. He is a partner in Berlin Innovation Ventures, an early stage deep tech VC. He believes in decentralization as a means for social change. In blockchain space, he works on governance and is currently thinking about blockchain macroeconomics.

  • Building Decentralized AI Apps using Swarm
Esad Akar

Engineer in the Bee Team. Working everyday to improve the core Go Bee client, and help Swarm continue to be a healthy, reliable, and performant network.

  • Swarm Development Update
Filip Dobranič
  • How to build Reddit for a free and fair society - fireside chat live from Ljubljana
Gregor Žavcer

Director of the Swarm Foundation

  • Swarm Ecosystem Update
  • How to build Reddit for a free and fair society - fireside chat live from Ljubljana
Jonathan Levi

A law-abiding crypto anarchist

  • 10x your productivity using Unbounded Data and Swarm
Josef J.

Josef J. is founder of PWNDAO, organizer of ETHPrague and member of Parallel Polis

  • Josef Jelacic - Paralelni Polis
Jurij Dreo

co-Founder & CTO at BrainTrip

  • The age of big brain data - the next data security challenge
Lou de Kerhuelvez

Lou is a governance researcher exploring alternative economic, justice, and political systems to legacy institutions in the context of the digital revolutions - I systems able to meet the existential challenges of our time.

For the past 6 years Lou has been building and sharing visions of technology-enabled better futures, and supporting a transnational, multi-disciplinary, decentralized scientific community advancing those goals via Foresight Institute.

Through Embassy Network and Feÿtopia, they grow an intervowen network of place-based communities experimenting with new forms of governance and solidarity.

Lou is the steward of a radical, decentralized abolitionist collective focused on community-based harm prevention and harm response.  They build alternative justices systems - advocating for non-punitive, non-coercive, behavior and system transformation.

  • Panel discussion | The importance of resisting censorship: how activists can use blockchain as a tool
Marcio Barradas

Marcio Barradas, CEO and founder of 3D Essence Food and Moodbytes, a company dedicated to bringing cutting edge food technologies to the market. As founder of FoodInk, the company behind the worldʼs first 3D printed food events and restaurants, he has demonstrated a novel approach to food design, where innovative technologies enable cheap provision of top quality nutrition, while reducing the carbon and water footprint and keeping trace of the whole food supply chain.

  • Edible NFTs on Swarm
Mark Engelhardt
  • Gaming on the blockchain - promise & execution
Matteo Alessio Tambussi

Musician, Linguistic Passionate, Web3 educator and Project Dev.

  • Decentralized CMO (Copyrights Management Org) for Music
  • How to build Reddit for a free and fair society - fireside chat live from Ljubljana
Michal Matlon

Michal is an architecture and organizational psychologist with more than 10 years of multidisciplinary experience in technology, media, and marketing. He helps to create both physical and virtual places of flourishing and meaningful work, from offices to urban quarters. In the past, Michal worked at one of the largest and most innovative office real-estate developers in Europe, where he developed the user experience strategy for the company´s buildings and established an internal education program. He is also the co-founder of Venetian Letter, a newsletter about human-oriented, science-based architecture and urbanism.

  • The Hivemaker's Code: A toolkit for building value-driven, decentralized digital ecosystems.
Mike Bonnano

Activist, performer, artist

  • Panel discussion | The importance of resisting censorship: how activists can use blockchain as a tool
Nadya Tolokonnikova

conceptual artist, musician, political activist (Pussy Riot)
Nadya Tolokonnikova is a founding member of Pussy Riot, the feminist protest art movement that now counts hundreds of people among its numbers.
She was sentenced in 2012 to two years imprisonment following “Punk Prayer,” an anti-Putin performance piece she and conspirators staged inside a cathedral in Moscow. She started a hunger strike protesting the conditions in which she was being held and was ultimately sent to a Siberian penal colony before being released in December 2013.
She was declared a “foreign agent” by Russia in 2021 and has lived in exile ever since.
She is a co-founder of the independent news service and media outlet Mediazona. She co- founded UnicornDAO to create equality and visibility for women-identified and lgbtq+ artists in the crypto/web3 space, and was instrumental in raising more than $7 million in support of Ukraine via UkraineDAO.
She has spoken before the US Congress, British Parliament and European Parliament.
She collaborated with Bansky on his “Dismaland” exhibition and created an immersive experience at the Saatchi Gallery in London. She is the author of Read & Riot: A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism.

  • Panel discussion | The importance of resisting censorship: how activists can use blockchain as a tool
  • How to build Reddit for a free and fair society - fireside chat live from Ljubljana
Pol Lanski


  • How do UX and decentralization relate
Ron Trevor

Main programmer of Swarm Integration within Nextcloud

  • Metaprovide - Nextcloud on Swarm
Samuel Lauridsen

The firm’s founder draws upon over 15 years of prior experience designing, deploying, and managing mission-critical infrastructure for Silicon Valley’s leading tech companies including Apple, Intel, Facebook, Equinix, and Tesla. In addition to his work in Northern California, he has 6+ years of experience working at one of the largest media conglomerates in the world, including one of the “big five” motion picture studios. Currently based in Los Angeles this connection to the art world brings unique opportunities for collaboration to the project team.

  • The gateway to decentralized object storage
Sasha Pitkevich

Sasha Pitkevich is a blockchain evangelist, a spokesperson, and a global blockchain lead at EPAM, a leading global digital transformation services provider. Sasha has been working on blockchain technology adoption since 2014, leading blockchain practices at global system integrators, consulting many enterprises, and guiding startups and vendors with one major goal in mind: demystify, explain, and help to derive real value out of the decentralization concept. Sasha believes that the world will be much better with the wider adoption of crypto and decentralized solutions, and she can explain it in a way that people listen and understand. She has created the Blockchain Professionals Community (https://wearecommunity.io/communities/blockchain) to provide professionals in the blockchain space with the possibility to connect, share and validate their ideas and concepts independently in the environment they work on a daily basis. Sasha is a frequent speaker at various events and conferences on topics related to Web 3.0, blockchain, smart contracts, and crypto solutions.

  • How to get value from an on-going AI madness ( or Can I ask ChatGPT to write my smart contract?)
Scott Beibin

inventor, artist, agent, researcher, self-taught engineer, maker and do-er of things

  • Panel discussion | The importance of resisting censorship: how activists can use blockchain as a tool

Silur started his career as a pentester and hacker at a really young age, with a great affinity to cryptography and higher mathematics. Having a good prior understanding in cryptocurrencies when the industry boomed in 2016, he gained an advantage as an early industry specialist, doing work for the Ethereum foundation until 2018. In 2019 he designed a cipher that entered the NIST Lightweight Encryption Standard competition. Consequently, he proved himself in designing and implementing blockchains from scratch as the co-founder of QANPlatform and as an early partner of CasperLabs. Having built dozens of dApps, protocols and full chains from both mass-market and government clients, Silur is also a co-organizer of the largest Capture the flag event on the planet, in which he challenges the best hackers in the world to break blockchain systems and reproduce historical cryptocurrency hacks. Silur is also a member of the Wigner's research centre of physics where he specializes on quantum computation and post-quantum cryptography. He took a place on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for his achievments in cybersecurity and web3.

  • Byzantine-tolerant Error Correction
Stephane Coillet-Matillon

CEO, co-founder – Kiwix

  • AI is not the issue. Trust is.


  • How to build Reddit for a free and fair society - fireside chat live from Ljubljana
Viktor Tron

Founder and team lead of the Ethereum Swarm project. Author of the Book of Swarm. President of the Swarm Foundation.

I believe in technology and innovation as the conduit for peaceful social change and I am committed to the ideals of voluntarism, self-sovereign digital society and permissionless open markets.

I am currently working on the web 3.0 vision, in particular futue-proof serverless base-layer infrastructure for the redecentralised web and to provide the technological underpinning to my ideals. This is Swarm.

A long-time open-source contributor I advocate free software, open source, open resource, open collaboration models and am against copyright and patent laws.

I have a keen interest in privacy, decentralisation, cryptography, emergent intelligence and distributed systems.

I have designed and implemented complex systems in the fields of blockchain and peer to peer, language and speech technology, machine learning and AI.

  • data layer for the world computer